Sports Taping - The Lower Limb (Vol 1) DVD by Clinics in Motion

Series 2: Sports Taping - The Lower Limb (Vol 1). The Lower Limb DVD was developed in association with Physios in Sport (ACPSM) in the UK and is a detailed guide featuring the rationale, aims and precautions along with demonstrations and functional tests for this area.

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Series 2: Sports Taping - The Lower Limb (Vol 1)


The Lower Limb DVD was developed in association with Physios in Sport (ACPSM) in the UK and is a detailed guide featuring the rationale, aims and precautions along with demonstrations and functional tests for this area.

This DVD contains over 2 hours of material, is filmed using Multi-Angle Vision© and comes with a complete interactive workbook and online examination system to provide the reader with the complete e-learning solution for their ongoing professional development.

The DVD is designed for use by anyone requiring to identify, assess and treat problems in this area. The DVD is also designed as a resource of ongoing professional development for all suitably qualified clinicians.

The Lower Limb module is accompanied by an online workbook which corresponds exactly with the content of the DVD. The workbook provides an introduction to each area, useful definition, lists activities that will enhance your learning and offers the opportunity to write and save notes. These completely interactive workbooks can be printed or completed online and offer a personalised diary that will reflect your learning experience.

Finally this module is also accompanied by an online examination that can help audit your progress and study. A certificate is printed upon passing this examination.

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  • Author: physiobob
    Foreword to Series 2 by Sarah Bazin

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce this educational series on sports taping, the result of a collaboration between Clinics in Motion and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine (ACPSM).

    Based on the ACPSM sports taping courses together with wider consultation the result is a comprehensive syllabus on the practical techniques of sports taping being presented over two DVDs in two volumes. Each presentation is vital, clear and logical in its sequence, so that as a whole the presentations form a complete instruction to the techniques of sports taping. Great clarity is brought to the tuition of these techniques by the excellent photography. Importantly there is continual reference to the practical field application of techniques, and the presenters, each with a wealth of specialist experience, impart the benefitsof their valuable experience throughout.

    The DVDs are accompanied by a suite of on-line resources of reflective workbooks and verification examinations. The videos form part of an active approach to audited, recorded reflective learning. As a whole this forms an approach to CPD that is effective, responsible, and reflects the current clinical practice in physiotherapy.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential to all Physiotherapists and Healthcare Professionals. This brings lifelong opportunities and challenges to keep up to date in our knowledge and skills, to ensure that evidence based practice is delivered consistently to the patient.

    CPD must be stimulating, dynamic and is essential to a fulfilling career. Nevertheless, it is undeniably a challenge to maintain up to date professional skills to the breadth and depth desired. Innovations such as this bring an important addition to the range of activities to enable one to achieve personal learning objectives. The convenience of being able to view presentations and conduct reflective practice at a pace and a location of one's choosing offers obvious advantages. Given the concentrated learning at intensive courses, it is an ideal support which allows practitioners to continually refer to video presentations, providing vital aid to ongoing clinical skill improvement. Importantly, with the advent of compulsory CPD, innovations such as this have the potential to greatly assist all clinical interest groups in providing the necessary educational support to members.

    The presenters, Graham Anderson, Ulrik McCarthy-Persson, Chris McNicholl, Damien Rice, Fionnuala Sayers, are to be congratulated on their achievement, delivering the highest standards of communication and clinical excellence. It is wonderful to see Chartered Physiotherapists at the core of such innovation in global clinical education, and I look forward to seeing continuing productions from Clinics in Motion in this and other clinical areas.

    Sarah Bazin MCSP, MIHM

    Chair of Council, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy