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Flaps and Reconstructive Surgery. Edition: 2

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With coverage of nearly twice the number of flaps as the previous edition, Flaps and Reconstructive Surgery, 2nd Edition provides trainees and practicing surgeons alike with the detailed, expert knowledge required to ensure optimal outcomes. It includes chapters and expert commentaries from more than 100 authors and world-renowned leaders in the field, while brand-new cases and high-quality illustrations focused on flap harvest, markings, and reconstruction keep you abreast of today's latest developments.

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1 Problem Analysis in Reconstructive Surgery: Reconstructive Ladders, Elevators, and Surgical Judgment, 1 Nicholas B. Vedder Expert Commentary William Lineaweaver 2 Classification of Flaps, e1 Geoffrey G. Hallock, Reza Ahmadzadeh, Steven F. Morris Expert Commentary Michel Saint-Cyr 3 Considerations in Flap Selection, 6 Geoffrey G. Hallock Expert Commentary Milomir Ninkovic 4 Emerging Technology in Reconstructive Surgery, e11 Matthew M. Hanasono Expert Commentary Uros Ahcan 5 Prefabrication and Prelamination, 16 Indranil Sinha, Lifei Guo, Julian J. Pribaz 6 Tissue Engineering, e25 Jan Jeroen Vranckx, Margot Den Hondt Expert Commentary James Chang 7 Percutaneous Aponeurotomy and Lipofilling (PALF): A Regenerative Alternative to the Flap, 28 Roger Karl Khouri Jr, Roger K. Khouri Expert Commentary Peter Rubin 8 Lymphedema: Microsurgical Reconstruction, 40 Joseph H. Dayan, Jaume Masia Ayala, Isao Koshima Expert Commentaries David W. Chang; Ming-Huei Cheng 9 Robotic Applications in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, e36 Jesse Selber Expert Commentary Philippe Liverneaux PART 2 CLINICAL ANATOMY AND RECIPIENT VESSEL ANATOMY, SELECTION, AND EXPOSURE 10 Clinical Anatomy of the Head and Neck, and Recipient Vessel Selection, 61 Peter C. Neligan, Basel Sharaf 11 Clinical Anatomy and Recipient Vessel Selection in the Chest, Abdomen, Groin, and Back, 75 Joshua Fosnot, Joseph M. Serletti 12 Clinical Anatomy and Recipient Vessel Selection in the Upper Extremity, 89 Karim Bakri 13 Clinical Anatomy and Recipient Vessel Selection and Exposure in the Lower Extremity, 115 Christopher J. Pannucci, T. Shane Johnson, L. Scott Levin


14 Head and Neck Reconstruction, 138 Michael Sosin, Mark Fisher, Eduardo D. Rodriguez Expert Commentary Paul N. Manson; Richard E. Hayden 15 Facial Reanimation: Evolution and Refinements, 162 Julia K. Terzis, Dimitrios Karypidis 16 Breast Reconstruction, 183 Maurice Y. Nahabedian Expert Commentaries David W. Chang; Venkat V. Ramakrishnan 17 Chest and Back Reconstruction, 203 Amanda K. Silva, David H. Song Expert Commentary Lawrence J. Gottlieb 18 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction, 218 Donald P. Baumann, Charles E. Butler Expert Commentary Jan Jeroen Vranckx 19 Pelvic and Urogenital Reconstruction, e43 Jens U. Berli, Richard J. Redett III Expert Commentary Christopher J. Salgado 20 Upper Extremity Reconstruction, 227 Michael W. Neumeister Expert Commentary Francisco Del Piñal 21 Adult Brachial Plexus Injury (A-BPI) Reconstruction, 242 David Chwei-Chin Chuang Expert Commentary Wieslawa De Pawlikowski 22 Lower Extremity Reconstruction, 255 Frank Fang, Chih-Hung Lin Expert Commentary Lawrence Colen 23 Functional Muscle Transfers for Various Purposes, 275 Milomir Ninkovic, P. Niclas Broer, S. Voigt, Marina Ninkovic Expert Commentary Milan Stevanovic and Frances Sharpe SECTION A MICROSURGERY TECHNIQUES, 295 24 Nerves, 295 Kazuteru Doi, Alison Snyder-Warwick Expert Commentaries Ivica Ducic; Huan Wang and Robert J. Spinner 25 Vessels, 310 S. Raja Sabapathy Expert Commentary Joon Pio ( JP) Hong SECTION B FLAP HANDLING AND TECHNICAL TIPS, e62 26 Thinning and Tailoring, e62 Naohiro Kimura Expert Commentary Hung-Chi Chen 27 Avoiding Complications, 323 Jeremy L. Wilson, Andrew N. Morritt, Kenneth L. Fan, Karen Kim Evans, Wayne A. Morrison Expert Commentary Edward J. Caterson, Stephanie A. Caterson, and Julian J. Pribaz 28 Flap Re-exploration and Salvage, 333 Jonathan Bank, Lawrence J. Gottlieb Expert Commentary Roman Skoracki SECTION C PRE AND POSTOPERATIVE MANAGEMENT, 348 29 Postoperative Care, 348 Jonathan Rimler, Audrey Nguyen, Gregory R.D. Evans Expert Commentary Lucie Lessard 30 Reconstructive Options Following Flap Failure, 357 Michael J. Miller, Rajiv Chandawarkar Expert Commentary Stefan O.P. Hofer


WORKHORSE FLAPS SECTION A LOCAL AND FREE FLAPS IN THE HEAD AND NECK, 367 31 Local Flaps in the Head and Neck: Forehead, FAMM, Submental, Nasolabial and Cervicofacial Flaps, 367 Robert L. Walton, Thomas Willson, Elliot Hirsch 32 Temporoparietal Fascia Flap, e72 Steven L. Moran, Eric Santamaria Expert Commentary Zung-Chung Chen SECTION B LOCAL AND FREE FLAPS IN THE CHEST, 387 33 Supraclavicular Artery Flap, 387 Michael R. Zenn Expert Commentary Michael W. Chu and Ernest S. Chiu 34 Pectoralis Major Flap, 396 William Ignace Wei, Chan Yu Wai Expert Commentary Hung-Chi Chen 35 Deltopectoral Flap and Internal Mammary Artery Perforator Flap, e87 J.R. Castro, Charles E. Stewart IV, Mark L. Urken Expert Commentary Eric M. Genden SECTION C LOCAL AND FREE FLAPS IN THE ABDOMEN, e98 36 Omentum, Superior Epigastric, and External/ Internal Oblique Flaps, e98 Marina Barandun, Anne O'Neill, Stefan O.P. Hofer Expert Commentary Bien-Keem Tan 37 Rectus Abdominis Flap, 416 Marcus Castro Ferreira, Luis Henrique Ishida, Lincoln Saito Millan Expert Commentary Brian T. Carlsen 38 Jejunum Flap, e112 Hung-Chi Chen, Stefano Spanio di Spilimbergo, Karen Kim Evans, Samir Mardini Expert Commentaries John J. Coleman III; Michael J.A. Klebuc SECTION D LOCAL AND FREE FLAPS IN THE BACK, e134 39 Trapezius Flap, e134 Franz Haas, Andreas Weiglein, Neal D. Futran Expert Commentary Bassem T. Elhassan 40 Scapular and Parascapular Flaps, 432 Claudio Angrigiani, Matthew M. Hanasono Expert Commentary Geoffrey G. Hallock 41 Latissimus Dorsi Flap, 446 Günter Germann, Matthias Reichenberger Expert Commentary Theodore A. Kung and Paul S. Cederna

SECTION E LOCAL AND FREE FLAPS IN THE PELVIS, GROIN, AND BUTTOCK, 464 42 Iliac Flap, 464 James S. Brown Expert Commentary Roberto Puxeddu 43 Groin Flap and Superficial Circumflex Iliac Artery Perforator Flap, 478 Isao Koshima, Kensuke Tashiro, Samir Mardini, Fu-Chan Wei Expert Commentary Joon Pio (JP) Hong 44 Gluteus Flap, e157 Moustapha Hamdi

SECTION F LOCAL AND FREE FLAPS IN THE UPPER EXTREMITY, 491 45 Pedicled Flaps of the Hand, 491 James P. Higgins, Ryan D. Katz Expert Commentary Don Lalonde 46 Lateral Arm Flap, 511 Milomir Ninkovic, Ulf Dornseifer Expert Commentary Yu-Te Lin and Chih-Hung Lin 47 Radial Forearm Flap, 525 Amir H. Taghinia, Joseph Upton Expert Commentary Hani Sbitany SECTION G LOCAL AND FREE FLAPS IN THE LOWER EXTREMITY, 540 48 Local Flaps in the Foot, 540 Kevin D. Han, Karen Kim Evans, Christopher E. Attinger Expert Commentary Randy Sherman 49 Gracilis Flap, 559 Ronald M. Zuker, Robert D. Bains Expert Commentary Yuan-Kun Tu 50 Gastrocnemius Flap, 570 Alain-Charles Masquelet, Paolo Sassu, Marco Innocenti Expert Commentary Geoffrey G. Hallock 51 Soleus Flap, 581 Jacques Baudet, Philippe Pelissier, Vincent Casoli, Philippe Caix, Félix J. Farías, Wieslawa De Pawlikowski Expert Commentary Randy Sherman and Michael J. A. Klebuc 52 Fibula Flap, 596 Christopher J. Salgado, Harvey Chim, Steven L. Moran, Fu-Chan Wei, Samir Mardini Expert Commentary Marco Innocenti 53 Glabrous Skin Flaps, e176 Gregory M. Buncke, Rudolf F. Buntic Expert Commentary Mohammad M. Al-Qattan 54 Toe Flaps and Toe Transplantation, 613 Chih-Hung Lin, Paolo Sassu Expert Commentaries David T.W. Chiu and Wenhai Sun; Fu-Chan Wei 55 Medial Femoral Condyle and Descending Genicular Artery Perforator Flaps, 636 Matthew Houdek, Heinz Bürger, Steven L. Moran Expert Commentary Tarek Abdalla El-Gammal


WORKHORSE FLAPS 56 Perforator Flaps in the Lateral Thoracic Region, 648 Jeong-Tae Kim Expert Commentary Stephanie A. Caterson and Edward J. Caterson 57 Deep and Superficial Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flaps, 668 Alain R. Gagnon, Phillip N. Blondeel Expert Commentary Aldona J. Spiegel and Robert J. Allen Sr 58 Superior and Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator Flaps, 687 Robert J. Allen Sr, Joshua L. Levine, Katherine A. Impastato Expert Commentary Moustapha Hamdi 59 Anterolateral and Anteromedial Thigh Flaps, 700 Samir Mardini, Harvey Chim, Fu-Chan Wei Expert Commentary Peirong Yu 60 Tensor Fascia Lata Flap, e190 Ömer Özkan, O. Koray Coskunfirat, Özlenen Özkan Expert Commentary Bishara Atiyeh and Fadel M. Chahine 61 Posterior Tibial Artery Perforator Flap, 717 Niri S. Niranjan Expert Commentary Alexandru V. Georgescu 62 Free-style Flaps, 729 Fu-Chan Wei, Seng-Feng Jeng, Samir Mardini Expert Commentary Michel Saint-Cyr


TRANSPLANT SURGERY 63 Starting a Reconstructive Transplantation Program, e204 Laurant Lantieri, Hatem Amer Expert Commentary Palmina Petruzzo 64 Face Transplantation, 739 Joseph A. Ricci, Bohdan Pomahac Expert Commentary Samir Mardini and Hatem Amer 65 Hand and Upper Extremity Transplantation, 754 Jaimie T. Shores, Gerald Brandacher, W.P. Andrew Lee Expert Commentary L. Scott Levin 66 Laryngeal, Abdominal Wall, and Uterus Transplantation, 770 Ömer Özkan, Özlenen Özkan Expert Commentary David W. Mathes 67 Immunology and Research in Reconstructive Transplantation, e210 Maria Z. Siemionow, Bahar Bassiri Gharb, Antonio Rampazzo Expert Commentary Yur-Ren Kuo 68 Peripheral Nerve Allotransplantation, 779 Amy M. Moore, James T.W. Saunders, Susan E. Mackinnon Expert Commentary Yur-Ren Kuo

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