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EXPERTddx: Pediatrics. Edition: 2

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Now fully revised and up to date, ExpertDDx: Pediatrics, second edition, quickly guides you to the most likely differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings and clinical information. Designed with the busy practitioner in mind, this superbly illustrated resource covers more than 1,500 diagnoses encountered by pediatric radiologists and their referring clinicians, discussed by general imaging features, modality-specific findings, and clinically based indications. The broad spectrum of coverage includes cardiac, chest, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, brain, head and neck, and spine pediatric diseases-all clearly presented to guide you through useful, actionable differential diagnoses that lead to definitive findings.

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Cardiac  High-Output Heart Failure  Massive Cardiomegaly  Cardiac or Pericardial Mass  Acyanotic Heart Disease With Increased Vascularity  Cyanotic Heart Disease With Decreased Vascularity  Cyanotic Heart Disease With Variable or Increased Vascularity  Right Atrial Enlargement  Right Ventricular Enlargement  Small Pulmonary Artery  Prominent Pulmonary Artery  Left Atrial Enlargement  Left Heart Obstructive Lesion  Congenital Aortic Arch Anomalies  Obstructive Aortic Arch Lesions  Dilated Thoracic Aorta  Situs Anomalies

Chest         Reticulonodular Infiltrate  Neonatal Irregular Lung Opacities  Bubbly Lungs  Unilateral Hyperlucent Lung  Bilateral Hyperlucent Lungs  Lung Cavity  Lucent Lung Mass  Round Lung Mass  Multiple Pulmonary Nodules  Consolidation  Neonatal Chest Mass  Chest Wall Mass  Rib Lesion  Pneumothorax  Pneumomediastinum  Mediastinal Widening  Anterior Mediastinal Mass  Middle Mediastinal Mass  Posterior Mediastinal Mass  Esophageal Stricture  Esophageal Extrinsic Impressions

Gastrointestinal  Neonatal Proximal Bowel Obstruction  Neonatal Distal Bowel Obstruction  Microcolon  Dilated Stomach  Duodenal Obstruction  Small Bowel Obstructions Beyond Neonates  Diffusely Abnormal Small Bowel  Acute Abdomen in Infants and Children  Right Lower Quadrant Pain  Abnormal Appendix  Intussusception  Colitis  Pneumatosis  Pneumoperitoneum  Mesenteric Lesions  Cystic Abdominal Mass  Abdominal Mass in Neonate  Solid Abdominal Mass in Child  Abdominal Aortic Anomalies  Hepatic Mass in Neonate  Hepatic Mass in Child  Multiple Liver Lesions  Pancreatic Mass  Splenic Lesions  Abdominal Calcifications in Child  Metallic Foreign Bodies

Genitourinary  Retroperitoneal Mass  Suprarenal Mass  Solid Renal Mass, Solitary  Solid Renal Mass, Multifocal  Renal Cysts  Bilateral Hydronephrosis  Unilateral Hydronephrosis  Pelvic Mass  Ovarian Mass  Scrotal Mass  Scrotal Pain  Bladder Mass  Urethral Variations and Abnormalities

Musculoskeletal  Epiphyseal Irregularity or Stippling  Epiphyseal Overgrowth  Dense Metaphyseal Bands and Lines  Lucent Metaphyseal Bands and Lines  Metaphyseal Fraying/Irregularity  Metaphyseal Cupping  Physeal Widening  Physeal Bridge/Growth Arrest  Bubbly Bone Lesion  Multifocal Nonaggressive Bone Lesions  Multifocal Aggressive Bone Lesions  Extensive Marrow Abnormalities  Diaphyseal Lesion  Sclerotic Bone Lesions  Painful Hip  Abnormal Femoral Head  Coxa Magna Deformity  Joint Effusion or Synovitis  Arthritis in Child  Elbow Fractures  Radial Dysplasia/Aplasia  Lower Extremity Bowing  Congenital Foot Deformity  Skeletal Dysplasia With Short Extremities  Skeletal Dysplasia With Short Ribs  Skeletal Dysplasia With Major Spine Involvement  Focal Gigantism/Macrodactyly  Soft Tissue Mass  Soft Tissue Calcifications  Multifocal Periosteal Reaction  Child Abuse

Brain  Microcephaly  Macrocrania/Macrocephaly  Subarachnoid Space Normal Variants  Ventriculomegaly  Intracranial Hemorrhage  Suprasellar Mass  Pineal Mass  Cerebral Hemisphere Mass  Lateral Ventricular Mass  Posterior Fossa Neoplasm  Cystic-Appearing Posterior Fossa Lesion  Extraaxial Mass  Brain Tumor in Newborn or Infant  Thick Cerebral Cortex  Abnormal Shape/Configuration of Corpus Callosum  Signal/Attenuation Abnormalities of Corpus Callosum  Abnormal Brainstem Morphology  Congenital Cerebellar Malformation  Intracranial Calcifications  Multifocal White Matter Abnormalities  Metabolic Disorders Affecting Primarily White Matter  Diffuse Abnormalities of Myelination  Deep Gray Nuclei Abnormalities  Ring-Enhancing Lesions  Craniocervical Arterial Stenosis  Sulcal or Cisternal Enhancement  Skull Base Lesion

Head and Neck  Stridor  Epiglottitis  Thickened Retropharyngeal Tissues  Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Neck  Solid Neck Mass in Neonate  Solid Neck Mass in Child  Cystic Neck Mass in Child  Transspatial Mass  Extraluminal Gas in Neck  Leukocoria  Ocular Lesion  Microphthalmos  Macrophthalmos  Optic Nerve or Nerve Sheath Lesion  Rapidly Developing Proptosis  Sinonasal Mass  Congenital Midline Nasal Lesion  Nasal Obstruction in Newborn  Congenital Anomalies of Skull Base  Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Child  Inner Ear Lesion in Child  Middle Ear Lesion in Child

Spine  Scoliosis  Kyphosis  Bullet-Shaped Vertebra/Anterior Vertebral Body Beaking  Scalloped Vertebral Bodies  Vertebra Plana or Platyspondyly  Back Pain  Spinal Dysraphic Lesion  Presacral or Sacrococcygeal Mass  Intramedullary Spinal Cord Lesion

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