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Bedlam Among the Bedpans

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A must-read for nursing professionals, Bedlam Among the Bedpans: Humor in Nursing, includes over 100 of the funniest and most creative stories about nursing collected from nursing journals, books, and the internet that highlight the humor in the situations nurses face every day. Inspired by the experiences of real nurses, the stories relate situations with insights that only nurses who have "been there" in the field could have.
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Chapter 1 IT'S A FINE LIFE
Top 10 Reasons to Become a Nurse
Top Ten Reasons to Become a School Nurse
You Know You're a Nurse When
You Might Be an Emergency Room (ER) Nurse If.
Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the Music of Nursing
So What Really Made You Become a Nurse?
You Know It's Gonna Be a Day When.
Your Patient's a Nurse When.
10 Signs You Have Become Obsessed with Home Care
You Might Be a Nurse If.
Top Ten Reasons Why I Went into Nursing
You May Have Too Much Experience as an Emergency Nurse if.
Top Ten Signs That It's Going to be a Bad Shift
You Know You're a Nurse When.

Blood Pressure
Need You Ask?
Denture Adventures
Odious Odours
What a Weekend!
The Crisis of Today
Not Just Window Dressing: Gowns as the Latest Fashion
'Twas the Night before Christmas: Codes for the Holidays
Fire Drill Protocol
Passing Fads
Kidney Confusion
More "Official Explanations of Emergency Nursing
Hold the Mayo
Medical Mishaps
Pre-op Instructions as Our Patients Hear Them
Pot Luck
How High is Too High?
Even Nurses Have to Laugh

Chapter 3 YOU'RE THE TOP
Treat Your Nurse Right
It's Hard to Live with a Nurse Because.
True Life: The World According to a Practice Nurse
The Nurse

This Time I Mean It
What's In a Name
Nurses Do It Better
We Are a Funny Lot
Achy Breaky Neck
Can You Hear Me Now?
Nurses Whose Names Give Away a Tad Too Much
Beware: Mum Under Training
Woe to be The Kid of Nurse!

Praise Nurses and Your Patients Will Live Forever or Die Happy
Bugs are Not Funny Syndrome
3 Doctors & 3 Nurses
Meeting Her Needs
A New Speech Therapy Technique
Skipping the Beat
A Doctor, a Nurse, and a Shredder
Fast! Warm! Fuzzy! Emergency!
Creating the "Wow Experience

Help.I've Misplaced My Pronoun!
Charting Bloopers: Spelling Errors
Lost for Words
The Study of "Ology
Charting Chuckles
More Charting Chuckles

Medical Terminology 101
Top Ten Odd Medical Record Statements
CPT Codes That Will Make You Chuckle
Premedicated Humor
Quotable Quotes from Transcription
My Trips Over the Language Barrier
Clarification, Please!
Document-Don't Duckamint!
Acronyms anon
Mr. Jones' Diary

Finding Humor in Our Workplace
Nursing Realities
Desperate Strategies for Last-minute Staffing
Top Ten Reasons (and More) Why I Want Star Trek's Medical Beds in My Unit!
What Does R.N. Really Stand For?
A Mind of ITs Own
Do You Know Me? I'm a Nurse
I Wish I'd Shaved My Legs
Bathroom Humor
Yep, That's My Job Too!
Images of The Perfect Nurse
What are YOU Like?
Twas the Night Before Christmas
"Twas the Night.

Professor Plume's Letters
My Most Humorous Moment in Nursing
Constipation among Operating Room Nurses: Flatulence as Evidence
Do Your Own Homework
Pie-eyed and Deskless
But is it Sterile?
Stating the Obvious
Keeping Them in Stitches: Humor in Perioperative Education
Bathing Beauty

Media Lament
Best Excuses if You Get Caught Sleeping at Your Desk
Expert Nurse vs. Educated Nurse

Modern Nurses Need a Perfect Body
Memorandum: Addendum to the Employee Handbook
A Cost Saving Memo
The Six Million Dollar Nurse
Reengineering for the Birds
Arsenic and Old Remedies
The Joys of Aging
Cuts by Any Other Name

How to Know You Are Growing Older
Identity Crisis
Rear View
30 Thoughts for 30 Years
I'm Too Old for This!
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