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Rocktape Kinesiology Tape

Rocktape is a kinesiology tape and is fantastic for treating common sports injuries like shin splints, plantars and runner’s knee. Rocktape also can increase endurance by promoting blood flow during an athletic event.

ROCKTAPE’s Active-Recovery (AR) series of tapes are designed to enhance performance and recovery. Unlike regular compression garments and tapes, ROCKTAPE’s AR series can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain and swelling. Rocktape is engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, swimmers and cyclists.


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3700006216081 RockTape Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m (21 colours)
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  • £13.50   incl. Vat 20% (£11.25 excl. Vat)
3700006216142 RockTape H2O Kinesiology Tape 5cm wide x 5 metres
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RockTape10x5UJ RockTape Kinesiology Tape 10cm x 5 m
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  • £21.60   incl. Vat 20% (£18.00 excl. Vat)
BigDaddyUnionJack RockTape 'Big Daddy' Kinesiology Tape 10cm x 32m
  • £162.00   incl. Vat 20% (£135.00 excl. Vat)