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Chinese Medicine

This section on the Physiotherapy Shop is dedicated to Chinese herbal medicine. This includes acupuncture, vacuum cupping, electro-acupuncture, acupuncture and fertility, chinese herbal medicine. Included are books, charts, posters and anatomical models on Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.
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  • Altra L Type Acupuncture Needles

    Altra L Type Acupuncture Needles

    Altra® L-TYPE Needles are Copper Wound Handle Needles. They are made from the highest quality Japanese surgical stainless steel under advanced manufacturing facilities. The material used is highly tensile, flexible, springy, strong and evenly ductile; all the properties required to make high quality needles.

    A Traditional Acupuncture Needle done properly, All Altra® Copper Handle Acupuncture Needles are made from the same high-quality Japanese Stainless Steel found in all Altra® needles.

    The handles are made from tarnish resistant copper, ensuring optimum conductivity for both moxibustion and electro-acupuncture.

    • Altra-L acupuncture needles available with and without Guide Tubes 100 needles/box.
    • We also have boxes of 500 (1 in 5 guide tubes) in the most popular needle gauges and lengths.
    • Available in gauges 0.18 x 7mm to 0.35 x 75mm
    • Needle tips are sharpened and polished to ensure consistency and ultimate sharpness.
    • Smooth and painless insertion is achieved without silicone coatings
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  • Small Sharps Bin (0.5L)

    Small Sharps Bin (0.5L)

    Small Sharp Bins for your acupuncture needles. Nominal capacity 0.5L
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  • Medium Sharps Bin (1.0L)

    Medium Sharps Bin (1.0L)

    • Medium Sharp Bins for your acupuncture needles.
    • Nominal capacity 1.0L
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  • Large Sharps Bin (2.5L)

    Large Sharps Bin (2.5L)

    • Large Sharp Bins for your acupuncture needles.
    • Nominal capacity 2.5L
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