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Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging: Case Review Series. Edition: 3

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Stay on top of recent, significant changes in the areas of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging with this updated and expanded volume in the popular Case Review Series. Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 3rd Edition offers highly illustrated, case-based preparation for board review to help residents and recertifying radiologists succeed on exams and provide state-of-the-art patient care.

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Solnes: Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging: Case Review Series, 3e

Opening Round

1. Thyroid Graves Disease

2. Prostate Cancer

3. Brain Death


5. Biliary Leak

6. Delayed Solid Gastric Emptying

7. Osteomyelitis

8. Thyroid Nodule

9. Insufficiency Fracture

10. Acute Cholecystitis

11. Colon Cancer

12. Osteosarcoma

13. Cold Nodule

14. Brown fat

15. High Grade Obstruction

16. GI Bleed

17. Pagets Disease

18. Lymphoma

19. Chronic Cholecystitis

20. Lung Cancer

21. Flood Images

22. Superscan

23. Myocardial Ischemia

24. Adenoma

25. Toxic Adenoma

26. Colon Uptake

27. Metformin

28. Radioactive Decay

29. Acute Pyelonephritis

30. Meckels

31. Vesiculoureteral Reflux

32. GCSF Post Therapy Scan

33. Star Effect

34. Biliary Atresia

35. Horseshoe Kidney

36. Head and Neck Cancer

37. Pulmonary Embolism

38. Multinodular Goiter

39. Carcinoid

40. Lytic Lesion

41. Reflux

42. Leak

43. Pheochromocytoma

44. Non AC

45. Shin Splints

46. Poor Preparation

47. Hot Spots

48. Mediastinal Parathryoid Adenoma

49. Status Post MUGA

50. Thyroiditis

51. Right to Left Shunt

52. Pituitary Adenoma

53. Lymphantic Obstruction

54. Jejunal Bleed

55. Vocal Cord Paralysis

56. Endometrial Cancer

57. Scarring

58. NPH

59. Therapy

60. Vasculitis

61. Lipomatous Hypertrophy of the interatrial Septum

62. Vertebral Osteomyelitis

63. Thyroid Lingual

64. Liver Metastases

65. Thymic Hyperplasia

66. Melanoma

67. Parkinson's Syndromes

68. Osteoid Osteoma

69. Bronchogenic Carcinoid

70. Myocardial Infarction

71. QC

72. Lung Metastases

73. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

74. CNS lymphoma

75. Subacute Thyroiditis

76. Breastfeeding

77. Thyroid Lymphoma

78. Alzheimer's Disease

79. Breast Cancer

80. Free Pertechnetate

81. Cerebellar Diaschisis

82. Splenosis

83. Bars

84. Viability

85. Sarcoid

86. Pancreas Cancer

87. Warthin Tumpr

88. Sternal Lesion Breast Cancer

89. Adrenal Metastases

90. Gastric Cancer

91. Osteomyelitis

92. VPS

93. Enchondroma

94. Thyroid Probe

95. Generator

96. TB

97. Hemangioma

98. Cervical Cancer

99. Amyloid

100. Retroperitoneal Fibrosis


101. Amyloid

102. Colitis

103. Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)

104. Breast Cancer

105. Elastofibroma Dorsi

106. Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia

107. Craniopharyngioma

108. Metastatic Pheochromocytoma

109. Thyroid Cancer

110. NaF

111. Cardiac Sarcoid

112. Ewings Sarcoma

113. Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism

114. Cortical Dysplasia

115. FNH

116. Endocarditis

117. Neurofibromatosis

118. Carcinoid, Ga68 DOTATATE

119. Prostate Abscess

120. Metastatic Pulmonary Calcifications

121. Hepatobronchial Fistula

122. Fat Necrosis

123. Neuroblastoma

124. Encephalitis

125. PTLD

126. Epitrochlear Node

127. Hamartoma

128. Meningioma

129. FACBC

130. Erdheim Chester

131. Transverse Myelitis

132. Hernia Plug

133. Kartageners Syndrome

134. Sinonasal Lymphoma

135. Renal sestamibi

136. Renal Cyst

137. Gastric Carcinoid

138. Multiple Sclerosis

139. Lumboperitoneal Shunt Patency Evaluation

140. Laminar Necrosis

141. Ulcerative Colitis

142. Seizures

143. Bronchopleural Fistulas

144. Otitis Media

145. Renal En bloc

146. Septic Joint

147. Spill

148. Transportation

149. PSMA

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