Mastocytosis, An Issue of Immunology and Allergy Clinics of North America

Mastocytosis, An Issue of Immunology and Allergy Clinics of North America

This issue of Immunology and Allergy Clinics, guest edited by Mariana C. Castells, MD, is devoted to Mastocytosis. Articles in this issue include: New Insight into Clonal Mast Cell Disorders Including Mastocytosis; Cutaneous Mastocytosis in Adults and Children: New Classification and Prognostic Factors; Hymenoptera Anaphylaxis as a Clonal Mast Cell Disorder; Non Clonal Mast Cell Activation Syndrome:  A growing body of evidence; Familial Tryptasemia Syndromes: Genotyping and Symptoms; POTS and EDS: Entities Associated to Mast Cell Activation; KIT Mutations: New Insight and Diagnostic Value; Patients' Perceptions in Mast Cell Activation Disorders; Mast Cell Mediators of Significance in Clinical Practice; Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition in Mast Cell Activation Disorders; Gastrointestinal Involvement in Mast Cell Activation Disorders; Bone Marrow Expression of Mast Cell Disorders; Genomics and Proteonomics in Clonal Mast Cell Disorders; and Pediatric Expression of Mast Cell Activation Disorders.

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Author / Editor: Mariana Castells
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Release Date: 11 Sep 2018
Imprint: Elsevier
Print Book ISBN: 9780323613927

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