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Imaging Anatomy Brain and Spine

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This richly illustrated and superbly organized text/atlas is an excellent point-of-care resource for practitioners at all levels of experience and training. Written by global leaders in the field, Imaging Anatomy: Brain and Spine provides a thorough understanding of the detailed normal anatomy that underlies contemporary imaging. This must-have reference employs a templated, highly formatted design; concise, bulleted text; and state-of- the-art images throughout that identify the clinical entities in each anatomic area.

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Scalp, Skull, and Meninges

Scalp and Calvarial Vault

Cranial Meninges

Pia and Perivascular Spaces

Supratentorial Brain Anatomy

Cerebral Hemispheres Overview

Gyral/Sulcal Anatomy

White Matter Tracts

Basal Ganglia and Thalamus

Other Deep Gray Nuclei

Limbic System

Sella, Pituitary, and Cavernous Sinus

Pineal Region

Primary Somatosensory Cortex (Areas 1, 2, 3)

Primary Motor Cortex (Area 4)

Superior Parietal Cortex (Areas 5, 7)

Premotor Cortex and Supplementary Motor Area (Area 6)

Superior Prefrontal Cortex (Area 8)

Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (Areas 9, 46)

Frontal Pole (Area 10)

Orbitofrontal Cortex (Area 11)

Insula and Parainsula Areas (Areas 13, 43)

Primary Visual and Visual Association Cortex (Areas 17, 18, 19)

Temporal Cortex (Areas 20, 21, 22)

Posterior Cingulate Cortex (Areas 23, 31)

Anterior Cingulate Cortex (Areas 24, 32, 33)

Subgenual Cingulate Cortex (Area 25)

Retrosplenial Cingulate Cortex (Areas 29, 30)

Parahippocampal Gyrus (Areas 28, 34, 35, 36)

Fusiform Gyrus (Area 37)

Temporal Pole (Area 38)

Inferior Parietal Lobule (Areas 39, 40)

Primary Auditory and Auditory Association Cortex (Areas 41, 42)

Inferior Frontal Gyrus (Areas 44, 45, 47)

High-Resolution Cortical Anatomy

Brain Network Anatomy

Functional Network Overview

Neurotransmitter Systems

Default Mode Network

Attention Control Network

Sensorimotor Network

Visual Network

Limbic Network

Language Network

Memory Network

Social Network

Infratentorial Brain

Brainstem and Cerebellum Overview





Cerebellopontine Angle/IAC

CSF Spaces

Ventricles and Choroid Plexus

Subarachnoid Spaces/Cisterns

Skull Base and Cranial Nerves

Skull Base Overview

Anterior Skull Base

Central Skull Base

Posterior Skull Base

Cranial Nerves Overview

Olfactory Nerve (CNI)

Optic Nerve (CNII)

Oculomotor Nerve (CNIII)

Trochlear Nerve (CNIV)

Trigeminal Nerve (CNV)

Abducens Nerve (CNVI)

Facial Nerve (CNVII)

Vestibulocochlear Nerve (CNVIII)

Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CNIX)

Vagus Nerve (CNX)

Accessory Nerve (CNXI)

Hypoglossal Nerve (CNXII)

Extracranial Arteries

Aortic Arch and Great Vessels

Cervical Carotid Arteries

Intracranial Arteries

Intracranial Arteries Overview

Intracranial Internal Carotid Artery

Circle of Willis

Anterior Cerebral Artery

Middle Cerebral Artery

Posterior Cerebral Artery

Vertebrobasilar System

Veins and Venous Sinuses

Intracranial Venous System Overview

Dural Sinuses

Superficial Cerebral Veins

Deep Cerebral Veins

Posterior Fossa Veins

Extracranial Veins


Vertebral Column, Discs, and Paraspinal Muscle

Vertebral Column Overview


Vertebral Body and Ligaments

Intervertebral Disc and Facet Joints

Paraspinal Muscles

Craniocervical Junction

Cervical Spine

Thoracic Spine

Lumbar Spine

Sacrum and Coccyx

Cord, Meninges, and Spaces

Spinal Cord and Cauda Equina

Meninges and Compartments


Spinal Arterial Supply

Spinal Veins and Venous Plexus

Plexi and Peripheral Nerves

Brachial Plexus

Lumbar Plexus

Sacral Plexus and Sciatic Nerve

Peripheral Nerve and Plexus Overview

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