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Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease

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A unique mash-up of medical education and comic book-style illustration, Graphic Guide to Infectious Diseases uses memorable art and humorous text to provide a seriously effective way to enhance your knowledge of complex medical conditions and diseases. Emergency medicine physician Dr. Brian Kloss and illustrator Travis Bruce use pop culture references, nostalgia, and unconventional humor to bridge the gap between challenging microbiology content and clinical knowledge of infectious diseases.

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Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease

Section 1. Viral Hepatitis

1.2. Hepatitis A

1.3. Hepatitis B

1.4. Hepatitis B-Serum Markers

1.5. Hepatitis C

1.6. Hepatitis D

1.7. Hepatitis E

Section 2. Infectious Diarrhea

2.1. Bacterial

2.1.1. Shigellosis

2.1.2. Salmonellosis

2.1.3. Cholera

2.1.4. Campylobacteriosis

2.1.5. Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli

2.1.6. Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli

2.1.7. Yersiniosis

2.1.8. Clostridium Difficile Infection

2.1.9. Vibriosis

2.2. Viral

2.2.1. Norovirus

2.2.2. Rotavirus

2.3. Protozoan

2.3.1. Giardiasis

2.3.2. Cryptosporidiosis

2.3.3. Amebiasis

Section 3. Childhood Illness

3.1. Measles

3.2. Mumps

3.3. Rubella

3.4. Erythema Infectiousum

3.5. Examthum Subitum

3.6. Chickenpox

3.7. Congenital and Perinatal Infections

3.8. Pertussis

3.9. Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

3.10. Bronchiolitis

3.11. Kawasaki Disease

3.12. Croup

Section 4. Tick Borne Illness

4.1Tick Borne Illness and Ticks as Vectors

4.2. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

4.3 Lyme Disease

4.4 Ehrlichiosis

4.5. Anaplasmosis

4.6. Babesiosis

4.7. Tularemia

4.8. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever

4.9. Colorado Tick Fever

Section 5. Worms

5.1. Roundworms

5.1.1. Ascariasis

5.1.2. Filariasis

5.1.3. Onchocerciasis

5.1.4. Pinworms

5.1.5. Hookworm

5.1.6. Whipworm

5.1.7. Trichinosis

5.1.8. Dracunculiasis

5.1.9. Cutaneous Larva Migrans

5.1.10. Threadworm

5.2. Tapeworms

5.2.1. Pork Tapeworm and Cysticercosis

5.2.2. Broad Fish Tapeworm

5.2.3. Beef Tapeworm

5.2.4. Dog Tapeworm

5.2.5. Dwarf Tapeworm

5.3 Flatworms

5.3.1. Schistosomiasis

5.3.2. Liver Fluke

5.3.3. Lung Fluke

Section 6. Fungal

6.1. Sporotrichosis

6.2. Paracoccidiomycosis

6.3. Coccidiomycosis

6.4. Blastomycosis

6.5. Histoplasmosis

6.6. Tinea Infections of Skin

6.7. Tinea Versicolor

6.8. Aspergillosis

6.9. Mucormycosis

Section 7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

7.1. Gonorrhea

7.2. Condyloma Acuminata

7.3. Pubic Lice

7.4. Syphilis

7.5. Chlamydia

7.6. Trachoma

7.7. Reactive Arthritis

7.8. Herpes Simplex

7.9. Trichomoniasis

7.10. Scabies

7.11. Chancroid

7.12. Donovanosis

7.13. Vaginitis

7.14. Molluscum Contagiosum

7.15. Lymphogranuloma Venereum

Section 8. Pulmonary

8.1. Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome

8.2. Tuberculosis

8.3. Legionnaires' Disease

8.4. Psittacosis

8.5. Avian Influenza

8.6. Influenza

8.7. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Section 9. Mosquito Borne Illness

9.1. Zika Fever

9.2. Dengue

9.3. Yellow Fever

9.4. Malaria

9.5. Encephalitis

9.6. Chikungunya

Section 10. Rat Borne Illness

10.1. Hanta Virus

10.1.1. Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome

10.1.2. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

10.2. Plague

10.3. Leptospirosis

10.4. Rat Bite Fever

10.5. Trench Fever

10.6. Scrub Typhus

10.7. Epidemic Typhus

10.8. Endemic (Murine) Typhus

10.9. Arenaviridae

Section 11. Oropharyngeal

11.1. Peritonsillar Abscess

11.2. Diphtheria

11.3. Herpangina

11.4. Thrush

11.5. Streptococcal Pharyngitis

Section 12. Viral

12.1. Ebola

12.2. Rabies

12.3. AIDS: Opportunistic Infections

12.4. Smallpox

12.5. Mononucleosis

12.5. Polio

Section 13. Parasites and Prions

13.1. Chagas Disease

13.2. African Sleeping Sickness

13.3. Pediculosis

13.4. Naegleriasis

13.5. Prion Diseases

Section14. Bacterial

14.1. Anthrax

14.2. Botulism

14.3. Brucellosis

14.4. Typhoid Fever

14.5. Cat Scratch Fever

14.6. Leprosy

14.7. Infective Endocarditis

14.8. Tetanus

14.9. Listeriosis

14.10. Q Fever

14.11. Melioidosis

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