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Brain Injury Medicine

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The only review book currently available in this complex field, Brain Injury Medicine: Board Review focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of individuals with varying severity levels of brain injury. Focused, high-yield content prepares you for success on exams and in practice, with up-to-date coverage of traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, CNS neoplasms, anoxic brain injury, and other brain disorders. This unique review tool is ideal for residents, fellows, and practitioners studying or working in the field and preparing to take the brain injury medicine exam.
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Section 1:  Brain Anatomy and Physiology

1. Neuroanatomy Correlates Jason R. Soble, Samantha DeDios-Stern, David Andrés González and Kenneth Chase Bailey 2. Pathophysiology and Basic Sciences Gary Goldberg and David H. Glazer

Section 2: Traumatic Brain Injury Severity & Patterns

3. Mild TBI (Concussion), Moderate to Severe TBI Juan Cabrera 4. TBI by Pattern: Penetrating, Non- Penetrating, Blast Injury Rebecca Tapia and Nick Vlahos 5. Brain Death Criteria Cherry Junn

Section 3: Epidemiology and Risk Factors

6. Epidemiology and Public Health & Prevention Kelly Heath and Jaclyn Barcikowski 7. Proteomic, Genetic, and Epigenetic Biomarkers in TBI Kimbra Kenney, J. Kent Werner Jr. and Jessica Gill 8. Prognosis and Recovery Patterns Rosanna C. Sabini and Komal Patel

Section 4: Emergency Room and Intensive Care Management

9. Prehospital Care Geoffrey Ling and Andrea Lauren Christman Schneider 10. Acute Emergency Management (Non-surgical Care & Surgical Care) Alex valadka, Peter Horvath and Ketan Verma 11. Critical Care Management Claudia Robertson, Yi Deng and Jovany Cruz-Navarro 12. Complications Claudia Robertson, Jovany Cruz-Navarro and Samantha Fernandez Hernandez

Section 5: Evaluation and Diagnosis

13. Physical Examination, signs and symptoms Brian Im and Emma Nally 14. Diagnostic Procedures and Electrophysiology Kirk Lercher 15. Neuroimaging (structural and functional) Saman Hazany, Jimmy C. Huang and Zaid Haddadin 16. Functional Evaluation Daniel W. Klyce, Ronald Seel and Richard Kunz 17. Intensity of Services, Specialized Rehabilitation Therapies, Interdisciplinary Team Management Gary Noel Galang and Justin Louis Weppner

Section 6:  Complications and Management

18. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary James J. Begley and Victoria C. Whitehair 19. GI and Nutrition Kelly Crawford 20. Genitourinary Kelly Crawford 21. Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Condition Sanjog Pangarkar and Gaurav Sunny Sharma 22. Pain Sanjog Pangarkar and Morgan O'Connor 23. Neuroendocrine/ Metabolic/ Hormonal Ondrea McKay and Neil Jasey 24. Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity James J. Begley and Victoria C. Whitehair 25. Spasticity & Contractures Katherine Lin and Blessen C. Eapen 26. Post-traumatic Hydrocephalus Neil Jasey and Laurie Dabaghian 27. Cranial Nerve Disorders Gary Noel Galang and Justin Louis Weppner 28. Seizure Disorder Justin Sup Hong 29. Movement Disorder Miriam Segal 30. Pressure Injuries, Bed Rest and Deconditioning Fabienne Saint-Preux, Emma Nally and Heidi Fusco 31. Dysphagia and Aspiration Benjamin Ngocquang Nguyen and Lauren E. Fulks 32. Speech and Language Benjamin Ngocquang Nguyen and David Eng 33. Cognitive Dysfunction Douglas Cooper 34. Neurosensory Dysfunction Kelly Heath 35. Emotional Dyscontrol Justin B. Otis and Hal S. Wortzel 36. Agitation and Restlessness Lindsay Mohney and Blessen C. Eapen 37. Sleep Dysfunction and Fatigue Billie Anna Schultz and Dmitry Esterov 38. Mood Disorders Nazanin Bahraini, Suzanne McGarity and Hal S. Wortzel 39. PTSD Douglas Cooper, Christopher Ticknor and Jan E. Kennedy 40. Suicide, personality d/o, anxiety Suzanne McGarity, Nazanin Bahraini and Hal S. Wortzel 41. Substance Abuse Alphonsa Thomas and Christine Greiss 42. Sexuality and Intimacy Kirk Lercher and Paul Yoo

Section 7 Rehabilitation Concepts

43. Therapeutic Exercise/Rehabilitation Joel Scholten, Kimberly Benson and Katharine Stout 44. Assistive Technology Sheital Bavishi 45. Community Re-entry Eric Tomas Spier 46. Involving Family in Rehabilitation: Role of Physiatry Lillian Flores Stevens and Angelle M. Sander

Section 8: Special Topics

47. Pediatric TBI David Cancel, Ruth E. Alejandro and Dara Jones 48. Geriatric TBI Jaime M. Levine and Ekua B. Gilbert-Baffoe 49. Military TBI Amy O'Brien Bowles and Meghan Jean McHenry 50. Sports Concussion Rosanna C. Sabini 51. Gender specific Issues in TBI  Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez and Jason Edwards 52. Post-Concussion Syndrome Assessment, Management and Rx) Thomas Watanabe and Abana Azariah 53. Nontraumatic brain Injury Rani Haley Lindberg 54. Dual Diagnosis -TBI and SCI Gemayaret Alvarez and Kevin Dalal 55. Anoxic Brain Injury Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez and Sima A. Desai 56. DOC and Rehabilitation Sunil Kothari and Matthew Lin 57. Complementary Alternative Therapies  Billie Anna Schultz and Dmitry Esterov 58. Neuromodulation & Neuroprosthetics Miriam Segal 59. Neuropharmacology Craig DiTommaso, Susan Loughlin and Christopher Falco 60. Neurodegeneration and Dementia Stephen Mernoff, Stephen Correia and Breton Michael Asken 61. Basic Statistics/Research Methods Mauro Zappaterra and Dixie Aragaki 62. Ethics and Law Sunil Kothari, Bonny Su Wong and Jean E. Woo

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