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Atlas of Complex Orthodontics

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Introducing the Atlas of Complex Orthodontics, a revolutionary new text with step-by-step instructions for treating today's toughest orthodontic cases. Over 1,500 full-color clinical photographs, radiographs, and illustrations present each phase of treatment in this atlas-style guide, starting with the pre-treatment work-up, continuing through the treatment sequence, and ending with the final results. Drs. Ravindra Nanda and Flavio Uribe cover the latest techniques for managing moderate to severe orthodontic problems, including the use of temporary anchorage devices and the "surgery-first" orthognathic approach, to ensure you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing field of orthodontics.

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Chapter 1: Management of Patients with Deep Bite
Case 1-1. Incisor intrusion for the excessive gingival display
Case 1-2. Intrusion arch for levelling the mandibular Curve of Spee
Case 1-3. Increase of the vertical dimension with implants and midline correction with a mini-plate in a patient with a multiple missing teeth
Case 1-4. Deep bite correction with anterior bite stops
Case 1-5. Combined orthognathic surgery, orthodontics, and prosthodontics in a severe brachifacial pattern
Chapter 2: Management of Patients with Open Bite
Case 2-1. Targeted mechanics for the correction of an anterior open bite
Case 2-2. Anterior open bite correction by mini-implant assisted posterior intrusion
Case 2-3. Mini- plate supported posterior intrusion with posterior acrylic plate for open bite correction
Case 2-4. Correction of a Class III malocclusion with vertical excess with the Surgery First Approach
Chapter 3: Management of Canted Occlusal Planes
Case 3-1: Biomechanical treatment of an asymmetric open bite
Chapter 4: Management of Vertical Maxillary Excess
Case 4-1: Orthognathic surgery for significant vertical excess, facial convexity, and large interlabial gap
Chapter 5: Correction of Class I malocclusions with antero-posterior problems
Case 5-1: Intrusion and retraction of the anterior maxillary teeth by means of a three piece intrusion assembly
Case 5-2: Correction of bimaxillary protrusion using fiber reinforced composite for space closure
Chapter 6: Non-extraction correction of Class II malocclusions
Case 6-1: Anchorage control with a cantilever in an unilateral Class II malocclusion
Case 6-2: Tip back-tip forward mechanics for the correction of the Class II subdivision
Case 6-3: Use of a fixed functional appliance for Class II correction
Case 6-4: Class II treatment with distalizing appliances followed by TADs to maintain anchorage
Chapter 7: Correction of Class III malocclusions
Case 7-1: Two-phase palatal mini-implant supported Class III correction
Case 7-2: Mini-plate supported nonextraction Class III correction
Case 7-3: Unilateral mandibular premolar extraction for midline correction and unilateral maxillary canine substitution
Case 7-4: Conventional orthognathic surgery in a severe Class III malocclusion
Chapter 8: Correction of Maxillary Constriction
Case 8-1: Maxillary expansion and stop advance wire for the correction of a mild Class III malocclusion
Case 8-2: Bidimensional distraction for maxillary unitlateral crossbite and canine retraction
Chapter 9: Correction of Midline Discrepancy
Case 9-1: Correction of a canted maxillary incisal plane with different approaches to a one couple system
Chapter 10: Management of impacted canines
Case 10-1: Maxillary impacted canine and anterior restorations for microdontic lateral incisors
Case 10-2: Cantilever based eruption of impacted maxillary canines
Case 10-3: Eruption of maxillary impacted canines and mandibular second premolar with cantilever mechanics
Case 10-4: Use of lip bumper for severely impacted mandibular canines
Chapter 11: Management of Impacted Second Molars
Case 11-1: Molar uprighting of severely mesioangulated mandibular second molars
Chapter 12: Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Case 12-1: Restoration of a mutilated dentition with preprosthetic TADs to intrude the mandibular dentition
Chapter 13: Management of Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors
Case 13-1: Unilateral canine impaction with maxillary canine substitution
Case 13-2: Multidisciplinary approach of multiple missing teeth with bone grafts and endosseous implants
Chapter 14: Management of Missing Molars with Orthodontic Space Closure
Case 14-1: Space closure after extraction of a hopeless maxillary molar and build-up of a peg lateral
Case 14-2: Mini-implant supported space closure of missing first molars and maxillary premolar extractions
Case 14-3: Mandibular second molar protraction into a first molar space with a fixed functional appliance
Chapter 15: Corticotomy-assisted Orthodontic Treatment
Case 15-1: Maxllary impacted canine and anterior restorations for microdontic lateral incisors
Chapter 16: Correction of Dentofacial Deformity with Surgery First Approach
Case 16-1: Virtual 3D plan and Surgery First Approach in Orthognathic Surgery
Chapter 17: Correction of Malocclusion Restricted to Anterior Teeth using Targeted Mechanics.
Case 17-1: Targeted mechanics for impacted canines
Chapter 18: Development of Vertical Alveolar Bone for Prosthetic Implant Placement
Case 18-1: Vertical ridge development in severe attachment loss of a maxillary central incisor
Chapter 19: Management of Dental Trauma
Case 19-1: Autotransplantation of second premolars into the site of extracted maxillary central incisors due to trauma
Chapter 20: Esthetic and Finishing Strategies
Case 20-1: Orthognathic surgery and reduction of the open gingival embrasures "black triangles" to maximize facial and smile esthetics
Case 20-2: Reduction of incisal gingival display with incisor intrusion and gingivectomy
Case 20-3: Reduction of the gingival display with an intrusion arch
Case 20-4: Incisal cant correction and composite restoration in maxillary anterior teeth
Case 20-5: Orthodontic extrusion to match gingival margins and composite veneers on maxillary anterior teeth
Case 20-6: Mandibular implants and anterior maxillary veneers for esthetics
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